Termites wreak havoc and cause damage to wooden components of your home. Discovering a termite infestation early on can save you from costly repairs. Protect your investment by being aware of these signs of termites in your home.

Signs of Termites Include Mud Tubes

Termites are sensitive insects that require specific temperature and moisture levels to survive. To protect the colony, they build mud tubes to help them move between locations and forage for food. Mud tubes are brown structures that termites travel through to get to a food source. Watch for these tubes along your home’s foundation and on basement walls.

If you notice a mud tube, break it open and look for termites. If there are insects inside, you know you have an active infestation.

If there are no termites inside the mud tube, they could have abandoned this passageway and migrated to another part of your home. Seeing mud tubes is a sign you should have your home professionally inspected.

Flying Insects and Discarded Wings

At certain times of the year, some termites leave the colony to mate and start their own colony. If you notice the presence of flying insects, also known as swarmers, around your property, this could indicate a termite infestation.

After the termites find a new home, they discard their wings. You may find piles of discarded termite wings near windows, doors, and other entrances. These wings are another obvious sign of a termite problem.

Droppings are Signs of Termites

Termite droppings, also known as frass, are another sign of drywood termites. Frass is tiny, pellet-shaped, and usually resembles wood dust. As drywood termites chew through wood, they digest it and push the byproducts out through small holes. Look for frass around window seals, door frames, baseboards, or near the deck and porch railings.

Issues Throughout the Home

Termite damage can manifest differently throughout the home. You may notice problems such as warped floors and bubbling paint or peeling wallpaper. However, these problems could be due to other issues such as rot or water damage.

If you suspect termites or other wood-destroying insects, inspect the wood around your home. Look for tiny holes and other signs of damage to determine if termites are present. In an area prone to termites, tap on exposed wood throughout your home. If it produces a hollow sound, it’s likely due to termite investigation.

It’s essential to call a professional exterminator if you observe any of these signs in your home. They will assess the situation and eliminate the pests if necessary. Failure to resolve the issue promptly will result in damage to your home and even health effects from debris from insects.

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